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🔥Christmas Sale, 50% off🎅Non-stick Iron Pan

🔥Christmas Sale, 50% off🎅Non-stick Iron Pan

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Are you looking for a non-stick pan that is durable and easy to clean? Look no further than this non-stick iron pan! This high-quality pan is made from a selected iron that is easy to clean and will last a long time. It has heavy-duty construction and is designed to be extra durable. The flat base ensures even heat distribution, and the long handle makes it easy to grip. This pan is perfect for all of your cooking needs!

Key Features

Customized for single persons: A caliber of 20 cm and a capacity of 1.5 L, just to meet the weight of one person or a small family

The depth is appropriate: the pot body is deep enough so that it can not only fry but also make soup-like dishes.

Healthy and uncoated: We use high-purity refined iron, so you no longer have to be afraid of coatings falling off or toxic chemicals.

Nit-riding treatment, anti-rust: it can be cleaned with steel balls, is durable and does not rust, and has high hardness.

Suitable for a variety of stoves: it is suitable for open flames and induction cookers. The thermal conductivity is very fast. You can also stir-fry in a small pot

Physical embossing: The surface of the pot is embossed to evenly distribute the oil and better achieve physical non-stick


Material: fine iron

Weight: 1028g

Lid type: glass lid

Package Includes

1* Non-stick Iron Pan


1. Hand wash only.


2. Do not use metal utensils on the pan.

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🔥Christmas Sale, 50% off🎅Non-stick Iron Pan