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Electric scalp massager

Electric scalp massager

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Experience soothing relaxation and rejuvenation with the electric scalp massager. With its innovative design and customizable settings, it offers a soothing massage experience that relieves stress and promotes scalp health.


COMPLETE COVERAGE - The electric scalp massager features 10 vibrating frequency contacts that provide complete coverage for a 360-degree massage experience. Enjoy hands-free massage while reading, working, or sipping your coffee as the scalp muscles are stimulated, promoting relaxation and relieving stress and tension.

MULTIPLE MASSAGE MODES - With the ability to switch between multiple modes, this massager offers different massage techniques to meet your specific needs throughout the day and night. Long press the button to turn on the head massager and select the desired mode to effectively relieve stress and tension.

FLEXIBLE MASSAGE CLAWS - This electric scalp massager is equipped with flexible massage claws that can adapt to an unlimited head circumference. This ensures a comfortable fit for users of all head sizes, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of a soothing head massage.

IMITATES TMS MASSAGE PRINCIPLES - Inspired by the principles of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), this scalp massager mimics the therapeutic effects of TMS. It offers a stimulating and rejuvenating massage experience that promotes blood circulation and relieves tension - for a revitalized scalp and a rejuvenated mind.

GREAT GIFT OPTION - This scalp massager is a perfect gift for friends and family. Whether at home or while traveling, it allows for a healthy and relaxed lifestyle. The soothing massage will help the recipient unwind after a stressful workday, making it an ideal gift for anyone seeking relaxation and well-being.


Type: Black-Pro, White-Pro

Charging Method: USB

Control: Buttons

Massage Principle: Vibration


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Electric scalp massager