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Kitchen Faucet Extended 360°Rotatable Pressure Sprayer

Kitchen Faucet Extended 360°Rotatable Pressure Sprayer

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Kitchen water pressure insufficient, resulting in a weak water flow?

Or tired of water splashing everywhere with force?

Faucet length limit your operation?

Introducing our revolutionary pressure sprayer that addresses all these problems!

This sprayer brings a powerful water flow while the special foam nozzel minimizing the risk of water splatter. Whether you're washing dishes, rinsing vegetables, or cleaning the sink, this pressure-boosting foam sprayer will enhance your experience and make your tasks more efficient.


STREAM + SPRAY: Whether you require a gentle spray for delicate items or a powerful stream for stubborn stains, this sprayer offers flexibility and control.  

SPLASH-PROOF DESIGN : The sprayer incorporates a foam generator, which introduces air into the water stream. This aerated flow helps to create a softer and more controlled water spray, reducing the force and impact that can cause splashing.

360° ROTATABLE : The 360° rotatable head provides a full sink coverage. Reach every corner of your sink effortlessly, making rinsing dishes, washing produce, and cleaning the sink a convenient and efficient task.

DURABLE: Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, this pressure sprayer is built to last. It is resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring long-term durability and reliable performance in your kitchen.

EASY INSTALLATION: The sprayer is designed for easy installation and compatibility with most standard kitchen faucets. No additional tools are required, and the installation process can be completed quickly.


Material: BAS + stainless steel

Surface treatment: electroplating

Nominal pressure: 1 (Mpa)

Working temperature: 1-100℃

Compatibility:15-22mm tube


1 * Kitchen Faucet Extended 360°Rotatable Pressure Sprayer


Ensure compatibility of the foam sprayer with your faucet before making a purchase.

Clean the sprayer regularly to prevent mineral buildup and maintain optimal performance.

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Kitchen Faucet Extended 360°Rotatable Pressure Sprayer