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✨Buy 1 Get 1 Free✨High-Strength Metal Repair Epoxy Adhesive

✨Buy 1 Get 1 Free✨High-Strength Metal Repair Epoxy Adhesive

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HIGH BOND STRENGTH: Our epoxy adhesive is designed to create a strong, durable bond on various metal surfaces, including stainless steel, aluminum, resin and iron. It provides a secure and long-lasting fix, making it perfect for heavy-duty repairs and maintenance.

HEAT RESISTANT: Formulated to withstand high temperatures, this adhesive is perfect for applications that require thermal stability. It can resist temperatures up to -40°C to +300°C, ensuring the bond remains intact even under extreme conditions.

WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE: It offers excellent waterproof properties, making it suitable for use in wet or damp environments. It prevents water infiltration, ensuring the bond remains strong and durable over time.

FAST CURING: Designed to cure quickly, this adhesive sets within 30 minutes and fully cures in a few hours, allowing you to complete repairs promptly and efficiently.


Material: Epoxy resin and hardener

Curing Time: 30 minutes

Temperature Range: -40°C to 300°C

Package includes: 1 * High-Strength Metal Repair Epoxy Adhesive


Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and free of grease before application.

Mix equal parts of resin and hardener thoroughly for best results.

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✨Buy 1 Get 1 Free✨High-Strength Metal Repair Epoxy Adhesive