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Fish tank oxygenation plate

Fish tank oxygenation plate

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Keep your tank oxygenated and your fish healthy with this easy-to-install and maintain plate. This plate can provide your fish with a steady flow of oxygen while also adding a lively and mesmerizing touch to your tank. Our plate is a must-have accessory for any fish enthusiast seeking to create a vibrant and thriving underwater world.

Key Features

Micro-pressure atomization: This technology can produce more air bubbles and a wider contact between the gas and the water, resulting in higher dissolved oxygen in the water.

Standard pipe interface: The device has two kinds of pipe interfaces to choose from, which can be adapted to pipes with a diameter of 4–8 mm. The interface is tight and firm; it is not easy to fall off.

Mute: The device uses mute technology, which is very quiet when working, and will not affect your sleep at night.

Steady flow of oxygen: This plate helps to provide your fish with a steady flow of oxygen, so they can stay healthy and happy.


Material: Nano material

Weight: D35MM: 0.03KG/D50MM: 0.06KG

Color: white

Noise Level: Quiet operation

Compatibility: Suitable for various fish tank sizes

Package Includes

1* Fish tank oxygenation plate


1. Ensure proper installation and placement of the device to optimize bubble distribution.


2. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the plate are recommended to maintain optimal performance.

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Fish tank oxygenation plate